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1. Import to CastCloud.fm

Import all of your episodes with a single click and the URL of your RSS feed.

2. Redirect your old feed

Redirect your RSS feed from your previous host to your new RSS feed on CastCloud.fm. This will allow your listeners to get your new episodes without any interruption.

3. Continue publishing content

That's it! Your podcast has been imported to CastCloud.fm and you can continue to publish great content for your listeners to consume.

Why Switch To CastCloud.fm?

No Upload Limit

Dont worry about how large or long each podcast episode is. We bill based on how many times your Podcast episodes are downloaded each month.

Host Unlimited Podcasts

Are you looking for a home for the 5 Podcasts that you host? CastCloud.fm is the perfect place! Create as many Podcasts as you want.

Comprehensive analytics

Analytics are a very important when trying to grow your Podcast's audience. We'll show you downloads across platforms, apps, and websites along with where your listeners are tuning in from.

Reliable Content Delivery

At CastCloud.fm uptime and performance are important to us. We use the latest and greatest in CDN technology to ensure your listeners can always listen to your Podcast.

Website Hosting

Each Podcast comes with its own customizable website that you can change to meet your desired look and feel.

Bring Your Own Domain

Using your own domain name for your website shouldn't cost you extra. Every plan we offer allows you to set up your domain name to point to your CastCloud.fm hosted website.

Private Podcasts

Publish a Podcast with a private feed URL. You control who get's the URL to listen.

Premium Content Subscriptions

Turn your Podcast into a sustainable business by offering exclusive content to your listeners through paid subscription tiers.

Accept Tips from Your Listeners

Keep your Podcast open to the public and accept tips from your listeners. We'll pay out your tips every month to a bank account you provide.
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